Yes there is. We do not allow any pet sitters who are under 18 to have their own account. 

Why do I need to be 18 years old to join PetCloud?

1. Internet and Stranger Safety  

You need to have the head of an adult to make wise decisions and to know how to listen to your gut if something doesn't feel right.  Some children don't fully develop that sense of gut feeling and listening to it until they are much older.  We are a large scale, national, internet-based website dealing with client Pet Owners who are not police checked.  

2. Driving a Car to the Vet for any emergency situations that arise

If you are under 18 and you are able to have one of your parents become a part of your profile, then we can let you create a shared pet sitter account.  As an example, we have a pet sitter who shares her profile with her Mum. Her must must be present at every single Meet and Greet. Her Mum takes ownership of their shared listing on PetCloud, communicates with clients, and takes full responsibility to act for any emergency situations that arise, such as driving a car to rush a pet to a Vet.

To create a joint pet sitter account on PetCloud, add one of your parents to your Headline in your Basic Profile; AND in your profile photo.  Explain you are a team, by writing about having your parent vouch for you in Your Story, in that same Basic Profile section;  Ask your parent to upload of their Driver's Licence or Passport under the Verifications section so we can add a badge to your profile saying ID has been provided.

It is mandatory for all Sitters and Walkers to take our 
Online Pet Sitting Course, created with the help of RSPCA Senior Vets.