The most basic explanation for PetCloud is that we are an Australian owned national Pet Sitting website which gives pet lovers across Australia a platform to find and become Pet Sitters. PetCloud also offers its users the first online RSPCA Qld accredited Pet Care & Pet Sitting course. We are a proud partner of the RSPCA across most States in Australia and have worked closely with animal welfare experts veterinary scientists to assist Sitters in offering a premium and quality service to our Pet Owners and their Pets.

Much like Uber and Airbnb, PetCloud is a 'marketplace'. A marketplaceĀ connects people who have products or services to sell, hire or lease via an online platform. Also known as peer-to-peer lending.

PetCloud is based on a sharing economy model, & is the easiest way for animal lovers who want to monetise their backyard, car, and services and showcase it online to busy Pet Owners searching for in-home pet care services.