Payments are always made upfront by Pet Owners to PetCloud via the website before the stay begins.  

1. Upon joining PetCloud, Pet Owners are asked to connect a valid credit card to their account. Once this is saved, our system validates the card by doing a $1.00 charge, checking that it was successful, and then automatically refunding the $1.00 immediately.

2. After you have enquired with a Sitter and they have replied back with a message on PetCloud saying they are available to provide the services you need on the dates you require, a button will display in your message with them asking you to do a Pre-Authorisation on your credit card. This allows the funds to be reserved on your card for the booking $ amount. Your card is not charged at this point.

3. Upon a successful Preauthorisation, the Sitters contact detais are then revealed on the platform and you are also freely able to message each other to arrange a time to have a pre-stay inspection at the proposed location of care (Otherwise known as a "Property Walk-through", or a "Meet & Greet").

4. After the date for the pre-stay inspection rolls around, and you've met up, the PetCloud website will then ask you for feedback as to how you think it went - and whether you thought the sitter and their property were compatible. Thumbs up = your card will be charged. Thumbs down = and the pre-authorisation will drop off your card and you repeat the process with another sitter until you find a sitter who is well suited to caring for your pet.

5. If you give feedback with a thumbs up and your card is charged, the funds will be held in escrow for the period of the stay. The Sitter is not paid yet.  At the end of the stay PetCloud makes a payment into the Sitters account, once you are satisfied the service you have booked has been done to a quality standard.