Make sure you have the sitter's phone number. Also make sure the pet's care instructions are updated with:

  • Ensure you have completed your pet's full profile
  • Check that they are wearing a collar with an engraved ID tag with your current phone number and address on it
  • Ensure they are wearing their council registration tag
  • Ensure your details are up to date on your chosen microchip register
  • Ensure their Council registration is up to date and that Council has your contact details and current address
  • Add your pet's current vet contact details to your pet's profile - are they open 24hours?
  • Set up an account with your nearest 24 hr Vet along with an authorised Vet spend limit in event of emergency
  • Go shopping for kongs, treats, meaty bones, poo bags, wet mince, dry kibble/biscuits.
  • Gather your pet's belongings and put them in one spot. Bedding, leash, flea shampoo, brush, toys, and groceries.
  • Give them a flea shampoo bath and give them flea & tick control + stomach wormer and heart wormer.
  • Give them an all over body check for any lumps and bumps or ticks to ensure they are healthy before you drop them off.
  • Check inside their ears, inside their mouths, teeth and gums and ensure no inflammation exists
  • Add an emergency contact who can make decisions for the pet while you are away
  • Other important care information, such as feeding instructions, toileting routine, and exercise schedule
  • Your preference as to whether or not you want the sitter to contact you directly in the event of a query or emergency
  • Ensure you have done a property check including fences and gates at the sitters home to ensure they are secure.


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