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Here's some reasons why you'll love working with PetCloud:               


Step 1. Set up your profile & Create your own listing

Create your Profile.  Having a clear professional profile image is key as this will display as a thumbnail across the site. Then create your listing. Your listing is your very own business web page on PetCloud. You can direct customers to it to read your reviews from past customers, see photos, read your services, and see your prices, and check your calendar, and of course, book you

Step 2. Undergo verifications

Verification badges are digital symbols of trust for Pet Owners who don't know you. The more verifications you have, the higher trust you are more likely to build. It also widens the variety of jobs you can apply for.

Step 3. Take the online pet sitting course

It's important to be confident in what you are doing when you are caring for other people's pets. This course will also help you understand the standards of care expected by Owners and by the RSPCA. View the course here.

Step 4. Add the right Photos + References 

Add photos that portray you as an animal lover with a safe home. Quality photos displaying where pets might safely sleep or play or go for walks. If you have a freshly mowed yard and a secure fence, or a lovely local dog park, this is something important for Pet Owners to see.  Adding References helps to add credibility to your listing too.

Step 5. Block out dates you aren't available on your Calendar & add your bank account of where you want to get paid

Block out the days you're unavailable, eg. sick, or going on holiday. Add your bank account so we can pay you

Step 6. Respond to jobs & direct enquiries!

There are 2 ways to get jobs - by viewing our pet jobs board or through Pet Owners searching their local area for Pet Sitters and inquiring with you directly.  You also MUST read this Meet & Greet Guide before taking on any pet sitting jobs. << Super Important

#Hot Tip

Share your PetCloud listing URL with family and friends on facebook and tell them you offer pet sitting. Also share your URL in online groups.