24 hours after the stay has finished, you will be paid into your PetCloud Wallet.  

  1. Go to your Wallet Page located under the Account menu: https://www.petcloud.com.au/wallet

  2. Click [Withdraw Money] pink button down the bottom.
  3. The Withdrawal Page displays: https://www.petcloud.com.au/withdrawal
  4. On the right hand side of page select the drop down that says "Withdraw To" and select "Bank" or "PayPal"
  5. Type in the amount eg. $30 from the Withdra section you wish to withdraw.
  6. Click the pink [Send Money] Button.

If you've already updated your bank details or PayPal email in the Payout Preferences, we will send the money by default. You can also update your bank details after clicking on [Send Money].