Prices are set by you as a Pet Sitter.  Typically for overnight pet sitting we recommend you list your price at $38 for your efforts - this means you'll roughly be paid $30 per night and 19% goes towards expenses (see below).

We need to deduct 19% from the total amount to cover your National Liability Insurance, bank transaction fees, Sitter Support, Website and App Development, and RSPCA Partners.

Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers set their own prices and the services they want to offer on PetCloud.

Prices do vary depending on the services requested, the size of the dog, whether there are multiple dogs, and the length of stay.  You may be open to offer a discount during a Meet & Greet for Pet Owners who have multiple pets or who need a long stay. If this is the case and you need to alter the price of an agreed booking then email and our tech team can alter the booking amount for you.

We recommend charging more for pets that need around the clock supervision, or need twice daily walks if they are a high energy breed or if they need injections or oral medication administration, however you need to be upfront about this to the Pet Owner before you do so they don't get bill shock.

Here is a general rough price guide for prices:

  • Pet Sitting 1 dog per night ranges from $20 - $45 per night for a dog.  An additional dog might be around $5 per night.
  • Pet Sitting 1 cat per night ranges from around $15 - $20
  • House Sitting (Usually this is for multiple animals in one booking) and can be $35 - $55 per night.
  • Extra cost for Pet Sitting of Multiple Pets $5 to $35 for extra per pet (depending on whether its a long term stay and whether that pet is a large or small animal)
  • Basic Dog Washing $20
  • Basic clip and brushing and nails trimmed $20

Dog Walking Prices we recommend:

  • 30 min x1 Dog = $25
  • 1 hour x1 Dog = $35
  • 30 min x2 Dogs = $30
  • 1 hour x2 Dogs = $45

You will usually walk 1 dog but 2 dogs can be taken if from the same owner.

Prices for offering Pet Taxi Services

This service can be used for taking Pets to Vets or Groomers appointments or even Weddings!

Fare estimation and rides are for one-way trips only.  

Variation in total booking amount depends on variable factors such as Vehicle Type, any waiting time, Distance Travelled, & Journey Time.   

Pet Taxi drivers get paid 81% of the booking less a $10 flat booking fee.  Drivers for PetCloud get to keep a lot more of the booking than existing Drivers in the market.  

Vehicle Size  Distance Fee per km   Flat PetCloud Booking Fee   Journey Time Fee
Hatchback      $1.75                             $10                                           $X (varies)
Sedan             $2.00                             $10                                           $X (varies)
SUV               $2.25                              $10                                           $X (varies)
Other             $1.75                              $10                                           $X (varies)

The distance fee varies with the size of the vehicle because larger vehicles such as SUVs burn through more fuel than hatchbacks.

As a company we need to pay for Advertising, PR, SEO, x2 types of Insurance, Customer Support staff, Hosting fees, Development Staff, SMS fees so the Booking fee and the 19% that we keep goes towards growing a healthy, reliable, functioning platform & Apps, and happy & supported Drivers, & happy national community.

Basic Overnight Pet Sitting Care includes:

-Feeding the pets and changing their water bowls

-Cleaning litter boxes, 

-Picking up poo, and 

-leaning up any other pet messes

What it doesn't include:

We ask that Pet Owners keep pets on their usual diets and supply all wet & dry food to the Sitter to last the period of the stay, plus 2 extra days just in case.  We also advise Owners they should pack Doggy Poop Bags, Puppy pads, Kitty Litter and Trays, Leashes, ID tags, and Bedding and provide some enrichment toys, or bones to chew to relieve any potential separation anxiety.

Remember to take into account that we need to deduct 19% from the total amount paid to you to cover RSPCA rescue donations, Paypal Fees, Customer and Tech Support, Website Development, National Liability Insurance.