We're glad you asked! Our online Pet Sitting Course has been well received by a lot of our Pet Sitters.  As well as the core courses, it also contains:

Bonus Pet Sitter Success Manual 

• How to attract the Business You Want

 Turn requests Into Bookings

 Ensure Successful Meet & Greets

 How Much Business to Expect

 Animal Welfare, Care, & Accident Prevention

 Safety Information for Health or Emergencies

 Helpful contacts and links

 How to Succeed Long-Term with PetCloud

Part A
 Running a successful pet sitting business (PetCloud)

 Pet First Aid fact sheet (RSPCA)

 Backyard Checklist (RSPCA)


Part B 

 Basic Dog Care course (RSPCA)

 Basic Cat Care course (RSPCA)

 Guide to introducing animals (RSPCA)

Bonus Business Templates

• Weekly Meet & Greet Tracker

• 30 Day Promotion Challenge

• Top Spots to Promote

• Monthly Business Report Template

• Pet Profile Template

• PLUS Pet Sifter Marketing Secrets!

Take the Course today and Stand out from the Pack!