Here is how the process for bookings works:                                

  • You apply to jobs or the Pet Owner may send you a direct booking request
  • You accept the booking request
  • Pet owner makes the payment into escrow
  • You both arrange a prior Meet & Greet at the location of where the pet stay will take place
  • You both agree its a good match
  • The date of the booked pet stay rolls around, the Pet owner drops off the pet at your place, along with their bag
  • You start Pet sitting a pet
  • The Pet Owner comes to pick up the pet (unless they have specifically arranged for you to drop them off or unless you are house sitting at the Owner's home)   
  • Funds are released from escrow
  • The Pet Owner writes a review and gives a rating of their experience and posts it to your wall on your listing.                             


Note: Pet sitters should not start pet sitting until they receive an email/sms saying that the owner has made a payment into escrow.