Cancellations by Pet Sitters can be stressful, costly, and are very inconvenient for Pet Owners. On PetCloud, everything is decided by trust. We will remove Pet Sitters who are not reliable.

Cancellations also impact our PetCloud brand, and can cost us money by losing the booking after we optimised and advertised to attract the Pet Owner to the site to get you the booking.

Advanced warning

If, as a Pet Sitter, you cannot satisfy your obligations, you must make it known at least 14 days in advance to both the Pet Owner and then email the PetCloud Support Team, and we will work with the pet owner to find another sitter. 

Be reliable

Our emphasis on reliability creates a community where Pet Owners feel they can rely on Pet Sitters. The Pet Owner will be fully refunded.

If a Pet Sitter cancels a booking after it has been paid for: 

If a pet sitter cancels a paid booking, the sitter is required to immediately inform both the relevant Owner and PetCloud about the cancellation of the Booking in writing.   

PetCloud will refund the full amount paid to the owner, and we will aim to help the pet owner find a replacement pet sitter. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation we may flag the pet sitter's profile. If two paid bookings are cancelled within three months, PetCloud may suspend or remove the pet sitter's profile. 

How to cancel

Scroll down on the details of the booking and it is located at the very bottom of the booking.

Circumstances changed?

If you cancelled because you no longer offer Pet Sitting, please ensure you deactivate your listing so that you don't receive any more inquiries from time-poor Pet Owners: