1. Read profiles and choose your pet wisely – It is very important that when you get a booking request, you have experience with the kind of Pet you are going to sit. Don’t meet pet owners who don’t have a clear profile picture.
  2. Let your neighbours know – When you reach the ‘Meet & Greet’ stage it’s highly recommended that you let you neighbours know that you are expecting someone to come or have a friend with you. Always remember to trust your intuition.
  3. Property checklist – Make sure your property meets the standards of RSPCA guidelines.
  4. Pet Limits – Make sure you check with your local council for pet limits. To locate your local council and their by-laws for keeping animals, navigate to the Australian Government website and select your State 
  5. Get your check list ready – As a sitter it’s your responsibility to ensure you get an emergency contact, dietary checklist, vet contact number and details about the pet’s routine.
  6. Money matters – As a sitter you must ensure that you get paid through PetCloud’s payment system. This will cover you with insurance during the stay.
  7. Get trained – If you are new to pet sitting then we recommend you to do the RSPCA QLD accredited training modules. This will make you more prepared for your furry visitor.
  8. Set up a Geofence – Geofence are a virtual boundary around your property and in the event that a pet escapes and is wearing our recommended GPS tracker, then you will receive an SMS alert if they ever go outside the boundary. You can also use your phone to track them using the app.