If you provide pet services through PetCloud, you will need a verified bank account and will need to provide your banking details on the Payment Details screen as we can now pay you directly to your bank account.  Please check that your BSB, Account, and Name match your bank account. If you encounter any issues, please called our Customer Service team on 1300 66 77 85 or email service@petcloud.com.au

Delays in payment can occur because:

  • The Pet Owner had insufficient funds
  • Or, you haven't provided any bank account details OR a Paypal email address in your Payments page on PetCloud. 
  • Or, you have created a Paypal account but are still yet to follow verification instructions from Paypal to verify your bank account and link your bank account. (Paypal makes 2 small deposits into their bank account over a 2-5 day period). Go log into www.paypal.com

If you have provided your bank account details on the Payment Details screen you will be able to get paid directly into your bank account through a payment provider called Stripe.

Your first payout is made 7-10 days after your first payment is received. (We hate delays as much as you do, but this is out of our hands!).  This allows Stripe to comply with anti-money laundering law processes when providing credit services. Subsequent pet sitting payouts are faster and take 2 days.

For weekly ongoing recurring bookings such as dog walking services, house visits, and doggy day care: You will be paid every week on a Sunday, once the initial lengthy initial payment has been processed by Stripe. 

If you have correctly verified your bank details inside the Paypal website, payments are made into your Paypal Account 24 hours after the last minding day. 

To then get the money into your bank account, you will need to go into your Paypal Wallet and withdraw the payment into your bank account.

We are phasing out Paypal, but here are instructions for Paypal set up.

Paypal email address.  If you have not set up a Paypal Account, it is free.

You may wish to refer to the article: When do I get paid?