Daily you need to:

  1. Take daily photos of the pet and provide a short summary to the Pet Owner and upload via PetCloud
  2. Do full daily body checks, paw, and teeth checks by running your hands all over the pet to check for lumps, ticks, or minor cuts
  3. Respond to any questions from the Pet Owner promptly
  4. Clean pet bowls daily
  5. Top up food and water daily (sometimes twice a day)
  6. Brush pets daily and pat, cuddle, and play with them
  7. Vacuum or Sweep up any mess daily.
  8. Clean Litter Boxes and Replace Puppy pads daily
  9. Put any soiled blankets in washing machine or tub and tell the pet owner.
  10. If you told the Pet Owner you would take their dog for walks, take them for walks.

Get Confident

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