Note: All of our Pet Care Providers set their own prices which you will find on their listing.  The below is a guide only.

House Sitting

Price from $25 per night

Having a sitter come and stay in your house takes the stress away from putting your beloved pet in a kennel or cattery where they may come back sick or stressed. All our house sitters are police checked and vetted to ensure that you are only connected with trusted animal lovers who will take the responsibility of looking after your pet/s seriously.

Read More about our definition of house sitting.

Pet Sitting / Pet Boarding / Dog Boarding / Dog Minding

Price from $25 - $50 per night

Pet Sitting on PetCloud means that your pup stays with a host family for a set amount of time while you are away. The host family feeds, walks and cares for your furry friend just as lovingly as you would. Unlike at a boarding kennel, your pooch will not be locked up in a cage. They will have a second home and temporarily become a part of the host family and may feel less anxious.

Day Care

Price from $25 per day

Day care on PetCloud means that your dog spends the day at the dog sitter's home while you are away, sometimes in the company of other pets. Depending on the agreement, either the owner or the sitter can pick up or drop off from home to the place of day care. The sitter is not bound to their home for the entire day and is free to go off for short trips to the grocery store for example. Your pet will usually be in the company of other pets to play and romp. But most of the day the Sitter will be at their home. Usually this type of person is first and foremost an animal lover, but they might also be a web freelancer, a stay at home parent, a university student, or a retiree who wants the extra company of your pet while they potter around home or study or work on the computer but who also want to make extra money and enjoy helping other members of their community.

24 hr Supervision

Price from $50

This is for pets who have just had an operation such as desexing and need monitoring and feeding. This costs more as it requires the Sitter to be quite attentive and to be home for long periods of time.

House Calls / House Visits

Once a day 15 min visit from $45. Twice Daily 15 min visits from $90

This service is mainly suited to cats. While your cat is able to be dropped off at Pet Sitters homes, but most cats would prefer to be left in their own home as they are fairly territorial and like to have their environment kept the same. House visits are available for dogs, but are limited to 2 days only. Dogs are pack animals, anything longer than this, they need to be in a Pet Sitter's home to stay in their company otherwise they are prone to being anxious and this could result in destructive behaviour, escapism (digging holes), or barking for long periods of time.

Daily Walking

From $20 per 30 mins. From $40 per 60 mins

Daily walking on PetCloud means that a dog walker picks up your dog at an agreed time to walk him or her while you are working late, sleeping in, or away travelling.

Pet Taxi

This service can be used for taking your Pet to Vet or Groomers appointments, or even weddings!

Fare estimation and rides are for one-way trips only.  

Variation in total booking amount depends on variable factors such as Vehicle Type, any waiting time, Distance Travelled, & Journey Time.   

Pet Taxi drivers get paid 81% of the booking less a $10 flat booking fee.  Drivers for PetCloud get to keep a lot more of the booking than existing Drivers in the market.  

Vehicle Size  Distance Fee   Flat PetCloud Booking Fee   Journey Time Fee
Hatchback $1.75 $10 $X (varies)
Sedan $2.00 $10 $X (varies)
SUV $2.25 $10 $X (varies)
Other $1.75 $10 $X (varies)

The distance fee varies with the size of the vehicle because larger vehicles such as SUVs burn through more fuel than hatchbacks.

As a company we need to pay for Advertising, PR, SEO, x2 types of Insurance, Customer Support staff, Hosting fees, Development Staff, SMS fees so the Booking fee and the 19% that we keep goes towards growing a healthy, reliable, functioning platform & Apps, and happy & supported Drivers, & happy national community.

Professional Grooming and Clipping


Full Body Clip Tidy up - face, feet, hygiene area Scissor Finish Shampoo & Conditioner Blow Dry Towel Dry Nail Trimming Ear Cleaning Doggy Cologne Shampoo Upgrade Tear Stain Treatment Flea Treatment Fresh Breath Treatment Paw Pad Treatment

Option 2 BATH & FULL GROOM FROM $75.00

Full Body Clip Tidy up - face, feet, hygiene area Scissor Finish Full Body Brush Shampoo & Conditioner Blow Dry Towel Dry Nail Trimming Ear Cleaning Doggy Cologne Shampoo Upgrade.

Option 3 BATH & TIDY UP FROM $60.00

Tidy up - face, feet, hygiene area Full Body Brush Shampoo & Conditioner Blow Dry Towel Dry Ear Cleaning Doggy Cologne

Washing and Brushing

Price from $25

This is a basic dog wash and brush service, good for getting fur around the eyes cleaned and their coat brushed and smelling nice.

Pet Concierge

Price from $60 per minute.

A Pet Concierge is someone who generally supervises the bride and groom's dog, enabling them to take part in the wedding ceremony and photographs.  Read "How to include your Pet in your Wedding Day" here.