For those Sitters who choose to offer a service to stay at the Pet Owners home;

  • Always fully inspect a house before taking a job on - including the bedroom where you will sleep. Does it smell fresh? Is the home clean in general? Have the bins been emptied? If its a mess at the meet and greet, there are no guarantees it won't be a mess when you stay.
  • Do your research on crime stats of the Owners suburb before taking a job on if you will be staying alone:
  • Think through all the tasks, daily walks, waiting time, transport, extra pet food involved in the job and charge accordingly. Don't feel pressured to decrease your prices. 
  • Ask who else will have access to the home while you're staying there?
  • Be warm and friendly but also be assertive or - let us know to decline the job if you lack confidence in saying you dont think its a good match.
  • At the Meet & Greet ask what enrichment toys the Pet Owner will be leaving behind for the pet. eg meaty bones, kongs, treat balls 
  • Ask at the Meet & Greet if the Owner can please ensure they purchase and leave you enough wet and dry food to feed their pets for the period of the stay + meaty bones.
  • Understand the breeds and types of pets and ages of the pets and their daily exercise needs (eg 1 walk per day, 2 walks per day)
  • Ask at the Meet and Greet what the Pet Owner wants done in the event of a pet needing medical attention.

Red Flags

  • Don't proceed with a booking enquiry or apply for house sitting job if it doesn't align with your work schedule - it will only cause restless pets and a messy smelly house.
  • Don't accept jobs because you feel sorry for the pets
  • Don't be pressured to do a job if you don't want to by Pet Owners who left planning and Meets & Greets until the last minute who say they have no other options - they got their pets in the first place, its part of responsible Pet Ownership.
  • If you don't want to do the job after a meet and greet - then tell them or us. Never feel 'obliged' because you've had a meet and greet. 
  • If you think something is cruel, it probably is (eg if you are instructed by an Owner to put a pet in a cage all day and it has to sit in its faeces)