On our How it Works page and on our Become a Pet Sitter page, we display this process:

1. Pet Owner makes an inquiry about your availability to mind their pet on certain dates via PetCloud, directly through your listing.

2. You will receive a text message as well as a message in your PetCloud inbox telling you that you have a new inquiry.

3. Depending on whether you are available for the dates they are inquiring about, or whether its a type of pet you want to mind, you may then Accept their inquiry. This is by clicking the big green button.

The blue box will expand to allow you to share your phone number with the Pet Owner. Click "Pre-Approve" which is the other green button

Next, you will see the message update to display a yellow highlighted message providing the Pet Owners phone number & telling you that their booking is not confirmed until they make a payment. 

Next, we tell the Pet Owner that their booking is not confirmed with you as a Sitter until they make a payment.

If the Pet Owner has not made a pre-authorisation, the booking cannot proceed and their enquiry will expire after 48 hours. The status of the booking enquiry will then change to 'expired'. The Pet Owner is then told 

"Your booking enquiry has expired with Sitter Name and the Pet Sitter is now free to take on bookings since you have not done a Payal pre-authorisation to confirm your booking."

We recommend Sitters then take on other pet sitting jobs or taking a holiday if the Pet Owner has stopped communicating with you and hasn't been courteous enough to Cancel the booking or proceed by making a pre-approval payment. Until this pre-authorisation occurs, you wont be able to apply cancellation fees.

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