Pet Owners will most likely ask the following questions below. Think about what answers you are going to give and say it with confidence. 

We highly recommend taking our online Pet Sitting Course created by RSPCA Senior Vets which will help you understand the standards of care the RSPCA advises.

  1. What dog breeds and types of pets do you have experience in minding?
  2. How many other Pets are you currently sitting for?
  3. What previous experience have you had?
  4. What training have you received?
  5. Do you have additional references?
  6. Why do you like being a Pet Sitter?
  7. Are you insured? (with PetCloud every Sitter is insured)
  8. How often will you be home with my pet? Do you have other full time work commitments? Are you home on weekends?
  9. Where will you be taking my dog for a walk during the stay? Are there parks or beaches?
  10. What do you normally do in the event of an emergency?
  11. How far is your nearest Vet located and are they 24hrs?
  12. Who else will be spending time with my pet in your home?

Pet Owners will be observing you to see how you will interact with their pet.

Dr Glen Richards from hit tv show Shark Tank Australia gives advice to Pet Owners & Pet Sitters for safe & happy pets: