• “Hot spots” are a common type of skin irritation in dogs and tend to be more prevalent in the warmer months
  • The underlying cause is often difficult to identify
  • Prompt veterinary treatment is needed to get hot spots under control
  • Drugs that Vets commonly use to treat the condition are steroids and antihistamines (these can be creams, injections, or tablets).
  • You will need to report this to PetCloud and to the Pet Owner. Once the Vet provides the recommended treatment, the symptoms should settle down. Reassure the Pet Owner and encourage them to continue to enjoy their holiday - and tell them you will continue to provide daily photo updates and reports sent to them via your PetCloud inbox.

Please read: http://www.greencrossvet.com.au/Pet_Care_Information/Article-5/Allergic-Dermatitis.aspx

To locate a Vet nearby, you can use Google or Greencross' website: http://www.greencrossvet.com.au/Find-A-Vet.aspx

Watch a video on Hot Spots and advice: http://www.petmd.com/dog/care/evr_hot_spots_what_are_they