1. Getting set up on PetCloud

  • Pet Owner joins the PetCloud website, creates a Profile for themselves and a Profile for their Pet (which includes Behaviour, Routine, Health, & Emergency Contact Details).
  • Pet Owner connects a credit card to their PetCloud account.
  • The PetCloud platform ensures the card is valid by charging $1.00 straight away and then refunding $1.00.

2. Connecting with Sitters & Walkers

            There are two ways Pet Owners can connect with a Sitter:

            a) Search for Sitters by suburb

  • The Pet Owner searches by suburb and makes an inquiry with a Pet Sitter as to their availability to provide pet sitting on a specified date.
    • The Pet Sitter confirms back to the Owner via PetCloud that they are available for those dates
    • The Pet Owner then makes a PreAuthorisation to PetCloud for the booking amount with their credit card
    • And proposes a pre-stay inspection/meeting

            b) OR Post a Job

  • The Pet Owner posts a job on PetCloud's Pet Jobs Board
    • Available Sitters apply
    • The Pet Owner selects one that seems like a good match
    • And proposes a pre-stay inspection/meeting

3. Meeting up before the Pet Stay

  • Both Parties Meet Up for a Pre Stay Property walk-through inpection at the location of proposed care to check that it is escape-proof and hazard-free. This is both the Pet Owner & the Pet Sitter's responsibility.
  • They both confirm back to PetCloud that all pets, property, and people involved are compatable by giving a thumbs up to indicate the booking is going ahead.
  • The Pet Owner's Card is charged by PetCloud and the payment remains in escrow until the end of the stay

4. During the Pet Stay

  • The Pet Stay takes place at the Owner's requested location of care
  • The Pet Owner receives daily photo updates sent via PetCloud from the Sitter
  • The date of the end of the stay rolls around. The Pet Owner leaves a review on the Pet Sitter's Listing to tell other Pet Owners about their experience.
  • PetCloud Pays the Pet Sitter.


What if after meeting up one of us feels like its not a good match and the booking shouldn't go ahead?

  • Don't worry, sometimes that can happen. We want you to feel confident that your chosen Sitter and their property is a good fit for your pet/s.  If the Pet Owner and the Pet Sitter have met up and they don't feel like its a good match for any reason, either party can give feedback to PetCloud on the booking by giving a thumbs down. 
  • The Preauthorisation then drops off the credit card for the booking.
  • The Pet Owner can then either inquire with another Sitter in their suburb OR can post a job and available sitters will apply.