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Step 1. Join free, create a profile and a listing and upload high quality photos of where pets will safely sleep, play, and go for walks.

Step 2. Undergo the relevant verifications

Step 3. Take our online Pet Sitting course

Step 3. Block out any dates you are unavailable for pet sitting on your calendar

Step 4. Apply to pet jobs and respond to direct inquiries from Pet Owners via your listing by Accepting or Declining.

Step 5. Respond back to the Pet Owner to arrange an initial meeting at the place where the job will take place (most likely at your home).

Step 6. If you and the Pet Owner feel your home and yard is escape-proof and suited to the type and breed and size of pet/s that need minding, then its a match. You will Accept their booking and a link will be sent to the Pet Owner's PetCloud inbox to make a payment. 

Step 7.  The Pet Owner will receive a text reminder when its time to pack their pet's bags with food, toys, bones, bedding, and leashes. They will drop your pet/s off at your home (or you will go to their house if it is a house sitting job)

Step 8. During the stay you'll send daily photo updates of you and the pet/s having a wonderful time via your inbox in PetCloud and small reports on how their pet is going.

Step 9. The Pet Owner will be SMSed when its time to pick up their pet.

Step 10. 24hrs after the last day of minding, payment will be made into your Paypal or bank account (depending on whether you have provided details). 

Step 11. The Pet Owner will rate and review you as a Sitter and they will plan their next holiday.