Pet Sitters are paid by PetCloud usually at the end of a booking, however, if you have booked them for a long period of time, (longer than a month) we will set up weekly payments.

It also depends on the service you've booked them for and the Payment types they have added to their account.  All Sitters get offered the option of being paid via Paypal or directly into their bank account by us.

New Pet Sitters first payout is made 7-10 days after your first payment is received. (We hate delays as much as you do, but this is out of our hands!).

This allows our payment provider to adhere to Australian Anti Money Laundering laws and processes when providing credit services. Subsequent pet sitting payouts are faster and take 2 days.

For weekly ongoing recurring bookings such as dog walking services, house visits, and doggy day care: Recurring bookings for a full week are charged on Sunday and then paid the following Sunday.