No - But it's for you and your pet's protection.  PetCloud is not a once-off lead referral service for independant Pet Sitters or Walkers.   We have an ongoing partnership with Pet Sitters and Walkers.  PetCloud's Pet Owner & Pet Sitter base remains owned by the PetCloud website and must continue to be booked via the PetCloud website each time.  

The benefit of booking through PetCloud, means you will:

1. Have a written legal agreement between you and the Sitter with the services they agree to provide you. So if there are any disagreements with what was booked and the dates and times booked, you can always refer back to the booking.

2. Have a pet that is insured with our third party insurance so that (for example) in the instance of them swallowing an object during a pet stay, and they need emergency surgery, the Vet Bill could be up to $16,000.  But instead, PetCloud's insurer will cover the Vet Bill if it is deemed an approved claim.

3. Be paying into a third party escrow account, and only released if both parties are happy at the end of the stay. If there is a disagreement with the services provided or the quality, then funds will be held and not released until an agreement is reached and the quality issued addressed.

4. When your pet stays with a PetCloud Sitter, the Sitter is supported by the RSPCA's Customer Service team who actively help throughout the stay with any questions or advice if a tricky or unexpected situation arises.

5. Have a quality company you can trust.  We are the ONLY pet sitting company in Australia to be endorsed by RSPCA Partners.  

In order to reach and maintain our high animal welfare and human safety standards, we conducted workshops with highly skilled and experienced staff from the RSPCA (Inspectors, Foster Carers, Dog Trainers, and Senior Veterinary Staff) to develop processes, procedures, and information for our Sitters to reduce the risk of loss or harm to pets in care and the humans that care for them.

6. Be booking a high quality Pet Sitter who receives ongoing animal care education from us. 

7. Be supporting a charity - Yes!  We are part-owned by a charity as mentioned in the emails we send you. Paying Sitters in cash means we won't be able to pass on vital funds needed to support the rescue work our RSPCA Partners do.

Our team works hard (just like you) and pay for advertising to connect you to your perfect Sitter and also do website and app development to bring you faster and better ways to care for your pet all the time. All members agree to the terms and conditions of our website upon joining up under section 23:

Cash-in-hand jobs that are not recorded are illegal, regardless of what industry the job is in and is called tax evasion.  We will deactivate the account of those who do this and will report their activity to the ATO.