No sorry but its for your financial protection and the visiting pet's protection.

1. We pay thousands of dollars annually in insurance to protect pets with insurance cover when they stay with a Pet Sitter.  For example, if a pet needed surgery to remove a swallowed object during a pet stay, the cost might range from hundreds of dollars to well over $16,000. Most people can't afford this.  This is why we have insurance in place and ask Pet Owners to pay PetCloud before the pet stay begins via the methods on our website in their inbox.

2. When a pet stays with a PetCloud Sitter through us, Sitters are supported by our staff in an online group who actively help them during the stay with any questions or advice.  We can also reach out to our RSPCA Partners & Greencross Vets advice network to get the help you need.

3. We are part-owned by a charity as mentioned in the emails we send you. Paying Sitters in cash means we won't be able to pass on vital funds needed to support the rescue work our RSPCA Partners do.

4. Our team works hard (just like you) and pays for advertising to connect you to Pet job opportunities and also do website and app development to bring you faster and better ways to connect to Pets and their Owners all the time. All members also agree to support us in the terms and conditions on our website upon joining up under section 23:

5. Cash-in-hand jobs that are not recorded are illegal, regardless of what industry the job is in and is called tax evasion. You can be reported to the Australian Tax Office for tax evasion.