Yes Meet & Greets are critical to have if you:

  • Have never met the Pet and Owner previously
  • Have other pets booked at your home at the same time
  • Or you own your own pets 

The reality is, as Pet Owners, we tend to be bias towards our own pets and think the world of them. Pets also act differently from when they are with their Owners - to when they are in another home, away from their Owner, with a stranger, along with new smells, other pets, new sounds, and potentially small children.  All of these factors can increase anxiety levels in the pet, causing them to act out of character.

The Meet and Greet process is also a chance to understand the Pet Owners care expectations, learn about the Pet's care requirements, try and predict any behaviour compatibility clashes with other pets or children, and determine whether your home, backyard & fences, experience and sometimes physical strength (if they are a high energy dog) are a good match for the pet.