As Pet Owners and PetCloud website users ourselves, we understand that a pet is a member of your family. So pet safety and animal welfare is our top priority. Here are a few things you can do to help ensure your pet has a great time while you’re away:

1. Fill out your pet's complete profileThese details are shared with your sitter or dog walker when you book with them. Be sure to include vet contact information, day-to-day care instructions, and any unique behaviors your dog has. Does your dog love mince? Do they get a little separation anxiety? Are they on medication?  Do they sleep in your bed with you at night? Check your pet's profile here.

2. Always hold a Meet & Greet with your prospective sitter (& as early as possible). Meeting your sitter or dog walker in person allows you to ask questions about the sitter's experience and make sure their pets, their children, their fences, living environment and the Sitter themselves will be compatible with your pet/s. It also offers an opportunity to set clear expectations about your pet's care while you’re away. Will there be other pets (not present at the Meet & Greet) who will be staying at the property during your pet's stay? Together you must both do a property check and ensure fences are secure. Please read this Meet & Greet Guide written by Senior Vets at the RSPCA.

3. Communicate well and often with your sitter or dog walker. Make sure your sitter or dog walker knows how to contact you, a relative, a neighbour, or your Vet in case of an emergency or if questions arise. Leave them a list of contacts and care instructions.

4. Tell them you would like to get daily photo updates and small reports.

We’ve got your back with customer support, premium insurance, and verified reviews from pet parents like you.

Watch: Dr Glen Richards - Greencross Vets founder from hit tv show Shark Tank Australia 

gives advice to Pet Owners & Pet Sitters for safe & happy pets.

5. Read the Golden Rules for Pet Owners

6. Download the Pet Owners Guide PDF which contains Property checklists and Pet Profile templates