If Pet Owners say, 

"Hi I'm going to be a few hours late..." or 

"Hi, I would love you to take them to the groomers" or

"Hi, is it ok to extend my booking by 2 days?"

and then you say "Ok great, I'm happy to do that for an extra $XX. Please transfer the money in advance so that your Pet will be covered by Insurance"

Step 1. Get the Agreement in writing with the Pet Owner in your PetCloud inbox.

Once the Pet Owner has confirmed they are 100% they want you for those extra dates or extra services, it's important to get this agreement in writing by messaging them in through your PetCloud inbox. This way there are no misunderstandings about agreed dates or services or prices.  For example, the message you would send them through your PetCloud inbox is:

"Hi [Name], as per our conversation, you would like to extend our booking with me by for 2 extra nights for Overnight Pet Sitting at my home, and you will pick up your pet on the 19th June at 5pm.  Please confirm back to me."  

The Pet Owner should then reply in writing and agree. "I Agree"

You would then reply to them: 

"Thanks for that. Please transfer the extra payment now so that your booking will be confirmed and your Pet will be covered by Insurance."

Step 2. Tell them to make the transfer.

    You can then pay using 2 options: Bank Transfer or via Paypal:

    Option A) Pay via Bank Transfer:

    Name: Pet Cloud Pty Ltd
    BSB: 064103
    Account: 10310225

    Option B) Or Via Paypal instead:

    Using this Paypal link: https://www.paypal.me/petcloud/

Step 3. Email the PetCloud Team: service@petcloud.com.au 

"Hi PetCloud Team, [Pet Owner Name] has extended their overnight pet sitting booking with me by 2 nights which they have agreed to, and they will pick up their pet on the 19th June at 5pm.

They have just transferred additional funds to your account. Thank you."


Remember, your time is valuable, just like theirs.

You are helping them with responsibilities that they otherwise should have done but for some reason are unable to (eg due to flight delays work commitments etc and busy Pet Owners will be relieved to have an extra helping hand so don't be afraid to be assertive but friendly when asked to do extra things, just say "Absolutely, I will text you a quote with a link and if you could reply by saying Yes that quote is fine and then paying that will help me know to not book in any more clients."

Examples of Additional services you should tell the owner there is a charge for:

  1. Dog Walking
  2. Giving Medications
  3. Vacuuming up Pet Hair
  4. Collecting the clients mail from the mailbox and placing in house.
  5. Watering the plants
  6. Round trip to the Groomers
  7. Round trip to the Vet for Check ups