All Pet Owners heading overseas must set an account up with their local 24hr Vet along with an authorised spend limit in the event of the Pet Owner being overseas and uncontactable so that the Pet Owner's credit card can get charged directly by the Vet clinic.

If a Pet Owner is on a trip away domestically (within Australia) then usually they will have some form of mobile coverage and the Vet clinic can contact them directly and charge their credit card directly.

If this has not been done, it means the Pet Sitter will get asked by the Vet Clinic to provide payment to the clinic on the Pet Owner's behalf. If this occurs, the pet owner can use their own pet insurance (if they have it) to refund the cost of the treatment to the Pet Sitter. 

In the event of denial by the pet owner’s insurance company OR if the pet owner doesn’t have pet insurance, the pet owner must refund any veterinary bills including Vet video consultation sessions to the pet sitter and the Pet Owner will be entitled to file a claim with PetCloud.  PetCloud does not pay vet bills for Pet Owners while they are away. This is part of responsible Pet Ownership.