Email the PetCloud Accounts Team with the Subject Header: "Extra Charges for Booking ID: ###### with [Pet Owner Name]."

In the Body of the email write:

"Hi PetCloud Team,  

Extra Services have been requested by Pet Owner Jane Smith which will result in extra charges, please add to booking.

01/12/2019: Additional Pick up and drop off  $30

01/12/2019: 1x Grooming $60

01 - 10th December Daily Dog Walking: 10x $20 = $200

Total = $290

The Owner can pay via 1) Direct Bank Transfer or 2) via Paypal

Direct Bank Transfer

Pet Cloud Pty Ltd

BSB: 064103    

Account: 10310225


You as a Sitter can provide the Pet Owner with the link:  (notice the total goes into the URL)