Here are the 10 Don’ts when you are house sitting (staying at the Owner's home):

1. Don't have a house party. Respect the house rules and don't try to take advantage of the space.

2. Don’t mess with the gadgets.  The last thing you want to do is ruin the surround system or the expensive food processor.

3. Don’t try to become an interior decorator. The house should be left the way the owner left it.

4. Don’t offer to do more than what you have agreed. Changing a lightbulb or tightening a tap connector is not your job.

5. Don’t spill anything on the carpet. Cleaning a carpet can cost a lot of money and the last thing you would want is to spill a bit of food on the carpet.

6. Don’t stat wine tasting. You can book a trip to Barossa Valley or get your favourite bottle from Dan Murphy's but don't raid the alcohol at the owners place.

7. Don’t invade privacy. Always be respectful of the homeowner’s personal belongings and property.

8. Don’t make long distance calls from their landline. Since most house sitters have mobile phones, this is rarely a problem.

9. Don't invite boyfriends or friends over without prior permission from the Pet Owner gained at the Meet & Greet

10. Don’t leave the house in a mess. Make it a point to do a quick tidy up before leaving the premises. No owner would like their place looking like a pig sty.

11. Don’t neglect your duties. It may sometimes feel like a holiday but it's not as you are getting paid for it. Complete all house sitting tasks as agreed upon. House sitters can earn up to $30 - $60 a night and get long bookings. So get ready to make money cuddling pets on PetCloud.