Here are 10 things you should do when you are house sitting (staying at the Owners home):

1. Know the house rules. Living in someone else's house means that you need to ask the house rules from the home owner. For example, should you be using the air-con or not?, Is the dog allowed on the couch? etc.

2. WI-FI password to stay connected . Make sure that the owner gives you the wifi password, so that you can stay connected and send them updates about their pet. Do not use this as an opportunity to download files!

3. Be organised. This is not your personal bedroom and you should make sure you keep everything organised. Choose a room/corner in the house to keep all your stuff.

4. Emergency contact. Keep emergency contacts saved on your phone or stuck on the fridge. You should always ask ask for the vet's number and a friends mobile number.

5. Lock every door and window whilst you are absent from the property. EVEN IF THE OWNERS USUALLY DON’T.

6. Stock up food you have eaten. You saw a box of ferrero rocher and you couldn't resist the temptation? It's okay as long as you replace it.

7. Daily Check list. Have a to-do list everyday so that you don't forget to water the plants, feed the dog, feed the fish etc.

8. Don't be a stranger to the neighbours. Smile and say hi :)

9. Make your bed. Make sure you make the bed and change the sheets before you leave.

10. Surprise the owner with a welcome gift. Flowers, cookies or a card. Make sure you leave something for the owner to make it memorable booking!

Insurance Tip

We recommend reading, How a Smart Phone can be a Pet Sitter's Best Friend and do take any photos of pre-existing damage and upload it to the Pet Owner via PetCloud and ask about it.