The main question you need to ask the Pet Owner is: "Have you fully completed (Pet Name's) profile online?"

Tip: Always use the Name of the pet when speaking to the Pet Owner about their pet.

As all of the questions below are from the Pet's online Profile:

  1. Have you provided a collar along with an engraved ID tag with contact details? (mandatory for pet owners)
  2. Are they microchipped? (mandatory for pet owners)
  3. Are they registered with council and wearing a council tag? (mandatory for pet owners)
  4. Does your pet take any medications?
  5. Does your pet have any history of heath conditions or ailments?
  6. What’s your 24hr Vets phone number and address?
  7. What is your authorised Vet Spend amount in the event of an emergency? $2000? $10,000?
  8. Does your Pet already have Pet Accident and Illness insurance?
  9. How often is your pet fed?
  10. What are the pets bathroom habits? (e.g. are they regular)
  11. Does your pet get rewards or snacks between meals?
  12. Does your pet have any special needs?
  13. How often is your dog walked?
  14. Is your dog used to being walked on a lead or a harness?
  15. Does you pet have any special behaviour traits?
  16. How is your pet with other animals (e.g. is the dog social around other dogs?)
  17. Any special grooming requirements?
  18. Are there any special bathing instructions?
  19. Do the pets travel ok in the car?
  20. Do you have a list of local walks?
  21. Where do your pets sleep?
  22. Are your pets allowed on the furniture?
  23. Are there any special training or obedience requirements?
  24. Would you like daily status updates (or photos) about your pet during their stay?
  25. Does your pet have separation anxiety? Do they have a history of destruction?
  26. Do they have a history of escaping? Are they a digger or fence jumper?

A template of the Pet's Profile can be found in the Guide to Meet & Greets