Yes.  There are out-of-home services you can offer such as dog walking, house visits, house sitting, and pet taxi services.

Dog walking means walking 1 or 2 dogs (not a group). You should walk them for 30 mins or 1 hour.

House Visits are where you drop into the Home Owner's yard or home and top up food and water bowls. You should stay for a minimum of 15 minutes.

House Sitting is staying overnight at the Home Owners home. It involves watering plants, bringing the mail or newspaper in, emptying the rubbish, and caring for any resident pets.

Pet taxi Services is you offering to drive to pick up & drop off a pet to a Vet Appointment or to a Grooming appointment.

You will still also need to set up a listing with photos, as this is the way Pet Owners will find you on PetCloud.  Since you will offer out of home services, the types of photos you could upload instead could be action photos of you smiling walking a dog, or feeding a pet, or brushing a pet or washing a pet.

We strongly recommend taking our 
Online Pet Sitting Course, created with the help of RSPCA Senior Vets