1. Control: Firstly you'll need to understand the different types of harnesses you'll need to walk dogs with different energy level sizes, strengths, sizes, and amount of training they have had previously.Youtube videos like this can be a good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mv2yf-yfOI

2. Introducing: You'll need to understand how to introduce dogs, in case you are walking more than one dog at a time. This will help you decrease the risk of dog fights occurring.

3. Breathing & Exercise Capacity: Then you need to understand the difference between brachycephalic dogs and how having a short nose can impact on the amount of exercise you can give them, compared with long nosed dogs.

4. Treats: You may need to have some treats you have purchased in advance to reward dogs for good behaviour. You must always ask the Pet Owner whether they are ok with you rewarding their dogs with treats and what you will be feeding them in case there are any allergies in the dog.

5. Doogy Poop Bags: Pet Owners should always supply these but in the event that they run out or forget, you should have some on hand. Picking up dog poo is the law and must be done every time.

6. Length of time and distance: Always communicate to the Pet Owner up front how much you will charge, length of time, and distance.  Distance could be 1-2kms.

7. Price and time limits: For 30 minutes we recommend charging $32, for 60 minutes perhaps $45.  $5 or $8 extra for second dog.

8. Know your own physical strength: Specify on your listing what sizes of dogs you feel you are capable of handling.


  • Offer dog walking in the middle of the day in summer. They can quickly get heatstroke which can be fatal, they can also burn their paws.
  • Never try and take on an aggressive dog. The Pet Owner should take it to a professional dog behaviourist if there are aggression problems.
  • Never leave a client dog in the car
  • Never take a dog to an off-leash dog park and unsupervise it. Off-leash dog parks are unpredictable places and dog fights are highly likely.
  • Never assume that a flat nose or short nose dog can exercise as much as a long nose dog. They can't get as much oxygen in their lungs.
  • Never take a female dog on heat out in public, it is actually illegal.

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