No.  Every day we are told by customers about the various situations they are in.  But as a business, to be able to run PetCloud, we need to be able to pay for our own operating expenses.  We aren't a charity and don't get given donations or receive government funding.

If you are in a situation where you don't have a job and can't afford pet sitting but need someone to care for your pet, try this:

  1. Build a Pet Resume. It will boost your chances of a landlord accepting your pet into a rental property.
  2. If you are in a Domestic Violence Situation, RSPCA Qld has a Pets in Crisis Program where they partner with DV Connect to help you find temporary care if you have a genuine situation.
  3. If you have become homeless, due to a DV situation, contact White Caravan or CityCare or DV Connect or call the Govt Homeless Hotline: 1800 474 753 or try the facebook group: Women Wide Network for Share Accommodation
  4. Try living in outer, less-expensive suburbs.
  5. Reach out to friends or family
  6. Join local community facebook groups and jobs groups and state you are looking for work.
  7. Try flat sharing to decrease your expenses, rather than living on your own.
  8. Speak to Richard from Get-My-Pet, he runs a body corporate advocate service where he will help advocate to get your pet approved.
  9. Contact City Care - the help they offer ranges from counselling, help with furniture, food, job connections and more.
  10. Register with your local Centrelink
  11. Put your resume on SEEK and Jora and Indeed
  12. Print out your resume at Officeworks and hand it into Employers spontaneously. It will show you take initiative. Make sure you look presentable. Ensure your resume contains no typos (spelling mistakes).