A great way for animal lovers and pet care professionals to earn income doing something they truly enjoy is to become a dog walker with PetCloud! If you’re over 18 years old, own a smartphone and prefer an active lifestyle rather than working in an office cubicle, then becoming a dog walker with PetCloud! might be the right fit for you!

Do you:

  • Own an iPhone 6 or newer, or Android 4.2 or newer?
  • Prefer working outside?
  • Enjoy bonding with dogs?
  • Like being greeted with excitement everyday?

Are you:

  • Physically fit to walk several hours a day and handle dogs of all sizes and strengths and temperaments?
  • Familiar with basic training commands?
  • Committed to providing quality care to animals?
  • Friendly and outgoing?
  • Organised? Managing time is critical.
  • Good communicator? Responding to clients within 1-2 hours of an inquiry is a MUST.
  • Prepared to pick up dog poop every time? Taking poo bags with you is also an important part of being a responsible Dog Walker.
  • Willing to investigate different local councils about their local bylaws and whether or not you need a license to walk more than 2-3 dogs at a time.
  • Mindful enough to recognise when its a hot day to ensure a dogs paws don't get burnt or ensure they don't overheat, and ensure they get enough water.
  • An expert at reading canine body language or willing to learn?
  • Willing to devote research time prior to taking a new breed of dog on to learn their temperaments?

Always make sure you take treats with you when exercising dogs, so you can continue positive training. 

Please remember that some dogs will require an hour-long walk twice a day, while others may not enjoy walks at all. If a dog shows signs that they are afraid while on a walk, do not persist. Instead, contact the RSPCA for further advice.

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