It depends what the concern is and the severity.  If it is an emergency, we tell our Pet Sitters to take your pet to the closest Vet ASAP.

You are able to view the Emergency Information we tell our Pet Sitters here

In the event that the Pet Sitter has a smaller Veterinary-medical concern about a Pet during the stay, and they cannot get hold of you, or your emergency contact, we recommend that our Pet Sitter's schedule a Video Chat with Dr Claire Jenkins or her team for $49.95:  We don't expect this to occur, but if it does, we do ask that you reimburse the Pet Sitter for this small cost.  It's important that they are able to do this as sometimes small concerns can grow into emergencies if not acted on quickly and in the right way.

All bookings through PetCloud are covered by public liability insurance. The insurance is in place in the event that emergency surgery is required for an unexpected accident and not any pre-existing illnesses.