1. We will not accept - Pets without Identification Tags, Microchip Number provided, Unvaccinated, and no flea and worming control previously given.

If a Pet Owner turns up with a Pet to a Pet Sitters home and;

  • has not provided food, 
  • the pet isn't wearing a collar, 
  • has no ID tags, 
  • no kitty litter trays, 
  • no bedding, 
  • no microchip number and 
  • no evidence of vaccinations

there is a high chance the Pet Owner will try to abandon their pet with you. They feel it is cheaper to pay for a small booking for a few days, then completely disown the Pets at your house, and be uncontactable, rather than paying surrender fees at the RSPCA or another Animal Welfare & Rescue organisation.  The most likely scenario is if the Pet Owner has moved house and the new lease does not allow pets.

What do I say or do if a Pet Owner turns up without all the basics.

If a Pet Owner does this and turns up to your house - you need to be assertive and say "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you have not provided the basic ID and Care required that PetCloud has asked you to for a pet stay."  

What information does PetCloud tell Pet Owners before a Pet Stay?

PetCloud SMSes, and emails the Pet Owner with all the basic Identity and care information they need to provide before a Pet Stay, so there are no excuses.

What if they give me an excuse?

You will hear every excuse under the sun: "Oh but I'm moving house", "Oh but I'm going on a holiday, I ran out of time", "Oh but if you don't take them no one else will", "Oh, I didn't know, what am I going to do now?!". This is part of responsible pet ownership and is not your problem.  Some Pet Owners may even try telling white lies by saying "I didn't receive any information from PetCloud".  

This is called a Con Artist.

What if a booking expires and the Pet Owner doesn't turn up to collect their pet? Will I be reimbursed?

PetCloud will not reimburse Pet Sitters for costs incurred after a booking has ended for abandoned pets if you do not follow our advice. Do not take on pets where the Pet Owner has not provided the above basics.  

2. We will not Accept - Unregistered, Dangerous or Menacing Dogs.

The Pet Owner needs to provide their dog's Council Registration Number in their Pet's Profile.  If they have not provided this, do not take the Pet on until they update the Pet's Profile with this.

Is it mandatory to register domestic dogs and cats?

 name of relevant act/special conditions and requirements
Yes for dogs, not cats. A dog must be registered to a keeper if it is over the age of 56 days, has changed keeper for 28 days, or is owned by a person who has been a resident for 28 days. Domestic Animals Act 2000.
Yes. A dog and cat must be registered to a keeper if it is over the age of 6 months. Companion Animals Act 1998.
Yes for dogs. A dog over the age of 12 weeks must be registered.  For cats - in some council areas. Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.
Yes for dogs.  A dog of 3 months age must be registered. For cats - in some council areas. Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.
Only for dogs. A dog over the age of 6 months must be registered. Dog Control Act 2000.
Yes. A dog and cat must be registered if it is over 3 months old. Domestic Animals Act 1994.
Yes. A dog 3 months or older must be registered. Dog Act 1976. A cat over six months must be registered. Cat Act 2011.