We understand - sometimes delays when travelling are out of our control!  But realise that delays impact on the Sitter's ability to take on other planned bookings of other Pet Owners.  We ask that you notify both PetCloud and the Pet Sitter of your delay and the reason, and then promptly pay PetCloud for the additional days in care, food, and services.  For bookings and payment, head to the sitter's listing, and pay for the additional days in care and services needed. Alternatively if that doesnt work for any reason, you can head to https://www.paypal.me/petcloud and transfer the extra money and then send us an email: service@petcloud.com.au telling us you have just made a payment through Paypal to extend the booking, and to pay for the extra food required.

However, if you do not inform your Pet Sitter and PetCloud of the delay, then we will assume you have abandoned your pet (which is illegal). You will be reported to the Authorities, and the Pet Sitter will contact their Local Council to place your pet at their holding facility (otherwise known as the pound).  Your details will remain listed as a Person of Interest, and you will no longer be able to be a future user of the PetCloud platform in any capacity.