Always have a Meet & Greet. Your number 1 priority is to ensure a visiting pet does not escape. So make your property escape-proof and hazard-free & take the lead during the meeting by welcoming in the Pet Owner with a big warm smile, using their name, & their pet's name, and give the Pet Owner a full tour.

Clients we refer to you must continue to be booked via the PetCloud platform forever. Never accept cash. Our Insurer can't cover Vet Bills in event of emergency or pay you if we have no record of a service occurring. Messaging through PetCloud provides evidence of a written agreement and avoids being ripped off.

Always ensure Pet Owners have completed their Pet's full profile and ask if their dog has a history of escapism, anxiety, or destruction. Also ensure they brief you on the pet's habits, health, and daily care routine. 

Never take dogs to off-leash dog parks. They are a hot spot for fights breaking out and our insurance won't cover it if it happens.

Always provide daily photo updates to Pet Owners through PetCloud. Owners love receiving them and it helps to relieve their anxiety that their pet is doing okay.

Always uphold local council laws. This means always carrying doggy bags, picking up poop every time, and keeping pets on a leash out in public at all times.

Never leave any pet in a car. Pets die very quickly from heat stress, even in mild weather. Never leave a dog tied up outside a shop. They get stolen.

In case of an emergency, always take pets to their registered Vets. In case of illness or even minor scrapes, ensure they are attended to early on before they grow into a problem.

Always ask for the pet’s Vet details BEFORE the boarding commences so you are prepared for an emergency. If you don’t have the details and are in need of a Vet, go to your local vet or take the dog to the closest emergency vet.

Respect pet routines and habits (feeding time, walk duration, etc).

All Pets must arrive with a large tote bag of wet & dry food to last the entire stay, plus enrichment toys, bedding, poo bags, leash, harness & must be microchipped, wearing a collar with engraved ID tags, council registration tags - Request this. 

Make sure your pet guests have the great time they deserve!