icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always provide a large tote bag with enough wet and dry food for the entire stay, enrichment toys, meaty bones, with leashes, poo bags, kitty litter trays, bedding.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always have your Pet Microchipped, and arrive to the Sitter's home wearing leashes with collars and engraved ID Tags, and Council Tags.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always ensure your Pet is vaccinated, de-flead, wormed, de-sexed and Council Registered before the Meet & Greet.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always complete your pets full online PetCloud profile with a Next of Kin Name and Number who won't be away with you on holidays.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always Provide Sitters with a Veterinary contact in case of emergencies.  You can fill that information in your pet's profile.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always brief your Pet Sitters about your pet's history, habits, health, and daily care routine. 

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always disclose to Sitters if your dog has a history of escapism, anxiety, or destruction.  

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Always have a Meet & Greet with a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker for at least 30 minutes before a stay. You are mutually responsible for ensuring their property is escape-proof.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Value your Sitter or Walkers time Be on time to Meet & Greets, and drop offs or pick ups. Or communicate in advance with your Sitter or Walker if you think there will be a delay.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png   Never offer to pay in cash. Our Insurer can't cover your Vet Bills in event of emergency or refund you if we have no record of a service occurring. Messaging through PetCloud also provides evidence of a written agreement for services to be provided.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png  Always get House Sitters to demo using your house key in front of you before you leave. You don't want to leave them homeless in case it doesn't fit for any reason.

   icons8-christmas-star-100.png  Always leave a review for the Sitter after the stay - they love receiving them - and it tells other Pet Owners whether you had a good experience using their service.

Now please relax, and enjoy your hard-earned trip away! Expect to receive daily photo updates.