There are 7 common causes for failed Pet Owner's payments:

1. Insufficient Funds

Your customer did not have enough money in their account to complete the transaction. This can be solved by the customer entering more funds into their bank account and then re-billing to collect the failed payment amount.

2. Incorrect Account Details

Your customer (or staff) has submitted incorrect banking details into the system, causing the transaction to be rejected by the bank. To resolve this, update the banking details and re-bill the customer.

3. Account Closed

The Pet Owner has closed their bank account, causing the transaction to be rejected by the bank. This can be solved by updating the PetCloud billing system with the current Pet Owner banking details and then re-billing the Pet Owner.

4. Expired Credit Card

A credit card transaction would usually be declined if the card has expired.

5. Authority Not Held

All bank and credit card holders can place a stop order on future debit processing. To restart a recurring payment cycle, the customer will need to authorise the bank to allow all PetCloud transactions.

6. Bank Reversal

The customer or the bank itself can perform a bank reversal if it suspects that the transaction is unauthorised. In this case, the customer’s bank is contacted to clarify the reason for the reversal.

7. Unspecified

The card may be suspected of fraud, lost/stolen, minimum payment was not made, bank system error, card-not-present limit or it has not been set up to accept recurring direct debits/ international transactions.