To onboard our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers, we have a 4 Stage process:

Stage 1 Applicant Screening, where we interview them with regard to their motivations for the role and attitude around Customer Service. We also request for proof any relevant Animal-related qualifications from a Registered Training Organisation.  We also ask for external references from former clients.

Stage 2 is Criminal History Checks.  We request that all Sitters and Walkers obtain a Police Check regardless of where the stay is taking place.  The Police Check must be current within the last 12 months.

Stage 3 is Pet Care training for Domestic Pets, as well as educating them on responsible dog walking, local council laws, transport laws, and the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

Stage 4 is Assessment, where they must get a 100% pass mark.

Our Pet Care training is the best in Australia and was written in collaboration with RSPCA Senior Vets.  Don't be fooled by other inferior courses.

We are a sharing economy website.  Like Airbnb, but for pets. The sharing economy is an economic model often defined as a peer-to-peer (P2P) based activity of acquiring, providing or sharing access to goods and services that are facilitated by a community based on-line platform.  

The sharing economy is a wonderful inter-meshing of different socioeconomic backgrounds, and values, typically matching people who have a disposable income but who are time-poor, with those people who have spare time, and want to earn extra income.  It is for this reason, PetCloud is incredibly important as a website to have in Australia.  We are honest, responsible, transparent, and accountable. We utilise the RSPCA's National Call Centre to provide our own National Customer Support.

RSPCA's National Call Centre also run PetCloud's Support Centre.

Our reviews are 100% real and unaltered - unlike others on the market.

Additional Basic Identity Checks

  • We request that Sitter's also upload a recent clear headshot that matches their drivers license.
  • We ensure the Sitter's full name matches their facebook profile. We display this as a facebook badge on the Sitter's listing.
  • We request for a valid email address.
  • We verify the Sitter has provided a valid mobile phone number.
  • We request for a valid address that we verify on Google Maps.

We display external References from the Sitter's previous clients

  • We request for external references from former clients and display this on the Sitters listing

We display badges for Sitters who have had Drivers licenses Checks and Criminal History Checks and who have done our Pet Sitter Training course

  • We do identity document checks of Australian Drivers licenses and National Criminal History
  • If Sitters offer House Sitting, Home Visits, or Pet Taxi Services, our system does not allow them to be booked for / or apply for jobs for those services unless we have received a clear recent Police Background Check for the Sitter.
  • Sitters offering Pet Taxi services must also upload a current valid Australian Drivers license (along with the clear police background check) otherwise our system won't allow them to be booked for those services or apply for jobs with those services.
  • Pet Owners post public rating and reviews of their experience with the Pet Sitter on Pet Sitter's listings after every stay.