Our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Partner relationships are built on trust and respect

  • Any clients we refer to you, MUST remain to be booked through the PetCloud platform, indefinitely. 

There are things to assess before you decide to take on pet sitting:

  • What types of services do I want to offer?
  • Do I own and know how to use a smart phone? Am I willing to learn?
  • Where do I want to offer those services? In my home or in the client’s home?
  • Would I enjoy the duties of a Pet Sitter? ie. washing, brushing, walking, cleaning litter trays, daily photo updates, and picking up poop!
  • Does my schedule allow me enough time to be responsive to clients and care for their pets needs?
  • Is my property fully fenced, safe, and escape-proof for pets?
  • Is my home suitable for pet toilet accidents? Or is it all carpeted?
  • Are my own pets socialised and compatible with other pets?
  • Are others I live with going to be healthy and safe around visiting guest pets?
  • Is my home calming for visiting pets?
  • Am I physically fit?

Key responsibilities and duties:

  • Daily Feeding, putting out fresh water every morning and evening
  • Brushing pets
  • Taking dogs on walks, and providing exercise through play
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Additional services may include giving medications, vacuuming up pet hair in the house, or collecting the client's mail or newspaper
  • Pet sitters are also responsible for notifying owners and taking pets to the vet if they should become sick or suffer an injury while under their supervision
  • Prepared to pick up dog poop every time? Taking poo bags with you is also an important part of being a responsible Dog Walker.

The ideal candidates will have:

  • A love for animals and a Connection to Pets
  • Flexible
  • Calm - Do you use common sense, and think well under pressure
  • Are you a person with a ‘take charge’ attitude if a situation calls for it?
  • Trustworthy & Safety Conscious
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Good communicator? Responding to clients within 1-2 hours of an inquiry is a MUST.
  • Sensitive to the needs of the pet ie. Mindful enough to recognise when its a hot day to ensure a dogs paws don't get burnt or ensure they don't overheat, and ensure they get enough water.
  • Experienced & Prepared
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Are you able to be reassuring to Pet Owners and reliable?
  • Are you patient with pets who may not be toilet trained?
  • Willing to investigate different local councils about their local bylaws and whether or not you need a permit.
  • Do you have attention to detail?


  • Committed to providing a high standard of quality care to animals
  • Friendly and outgoing to clients
  • An expert at reading canine body language or willing to learn
  • Willing to devote research time prior to taking a new breed of pet on to learn their temperaments
  • Diligent – does a job well the first time.
  • Are you good at building rapport?

If offering Pet Sitting from your own home:

  • Do you have a secure fenced property?
  • Is your garden free of plants that are toxic to pets?
  • Do you own pets that are socialised and get along with other pets?
  • Are bodies of water fenced?
  • Are you reliable and able to keep good records of appointments to show up on time?
  • Are you willing to research pet breeds and their care needs?
  • Observant – knows when a pet has missed a wee and poo
  • Physically fit to walk several hours a day and handle dogs of all sizes and strengths and temperaments
  • Familiar with basic training commands

Types of People we Look For:

  • The ideal pet sitter or pet care provider would be flexible and independent. They should be able to think on their feet and be an animal lover.
  • An ideal candidate will have another source of income, even temporarily, while building up their client base with PetCloud.
  • Go-getters should apply.
  • Multi-taskers should apply.
  • People with veterinary experience should apply.
  • Animal Shelter Volunteers and Animal Foster Carers should apply
  • People that are starting their next phase of life as an empty-nester or retiree should apply.