A National Police Check done in the last 12 months is the ultimate check we need.  All these positions and cards are no substitute for a National Police Check because some cards have an expiry date 5 years from now and not all IDs have websites to cross check the card's validity or currency.  Some of these organisations also don't ask you to hand in your card, even after you've left.

Working in the ADF (Army, Navy, Airforce). To get into the ADF, they needed to provide a National Police Check.  You can still hold a physical ADF ID Card in your wallet even after you've exited the ADF. 

They don't make you hand it in. The expiry date may even show its valid for another 3-5 years.  But the card won't tell us if the person has multiple dangerous driving offences, drug offences, theft convictions, lying to police. 

So please get a National Police Check.

You can get a Police Check here: it costs only $39.