At Pet Cloud Pty Ltd ("Company") we require that all of our Partners conduct themselves according to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, behaviour and animal welfare when dealing with our clients. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, full compliance with all legal obligations imposed by statute, code of practice, or any other source of law.

This Code establishes the standards of behaviour that must be met by all Partners. Where these standards are not met, appropriate action will be taken. In cases where the breach involves serious misconduct, this may result in instant termination. In cases where a breach of the policy involves a breach of any law, then the relevant government authorities or the police may be notified.


The purpose of this policy is to make it clear what the Company expects from Partners, and Partners are required to be familiar with and comply with the terms of this policy at all times. Failure to do so may result in legal action and termination of our working agreement.  The Company may unilaterally introduce, vary, remove or replace this policy at any time.


The standards expected of Partners include:

  1. You must not begin offering Pet Care Services through PetCloud until you have completed and passed the online Pet Care course and Emergency Procedures and been allocated a digital badge.
  2. You must not begin offering Pet Care Services through PetCloud until you have obtained a National Police check
  3. You must always have a Meet & Greet at the location of care before the stay begins. Your number 1 priority is to ensure a visiting pet does not escape. So make your property escape-proof & take the lead during the meeting by welcoming in the Pet Owner with a big warm smile, using their name, & their pet's name, and give the Pet Owner a full tour.
  4. Clients we refer to you must continue to be booked via the PetCloud platform. 
  5. Never accept cash. We pay for insurance to cover you and the guest pet in the event of illness or injury. Vet bills can be up to $16,000 or more. Our Insurer can't cover Vet Bills in event of emergency or pay you if we have no record of a service occurring. Messaging through PetCloud provides evidence of a written agreement and avoids being ripped off, or disagreements about what service was booked.
  6. You must not outsource your pet jobs and bookings to other Sitters or Members of your household or family.
  7. You may not carry on a commercial boarding kennel while being a Pet Sitter on our platform.
  8. Always ensure Pet Owners have completed their Pet's full profile incuding Emergency Contact and ask if their dog has a history of escapism, anxiety, or destruction. Also ensure they brief you on the pet's habits, health, and daily care routine.
  9. Never take dogs to off-leash dog parks. They are a hot spot for fights breaking out and our insurance won't cover it if it happens.
  10. Always provide daily photo updates to Pet Owners through PetCloud. Owners love receiving them and it helps to relieve their anxiety that their pet is doing okay.
  11. Always uphold local council laws. This means always carrying doggy bags, picking up poop every time, and keeping pets on a leash out in public at all times.
  12. Cats must always be kept locked inside with enough airflow or in a secure, escape-proof enclosure that has adequate shade from the weather elements.
  13. Never leave any pet in a car for any amount of time. Pets die very quickly from heat stress, even in mild weather.
  14. In case of an emergency, always take pets to their registered Vets. In case of illness or even minor scrapes, ensure they are attended to early on before they grow into a problem.
  15. Ensure if you get bitten or scratched, you wash your scratch in soap and water and then disinfect it. Your health and safety is important to us.
  16. You must always ask for the Pet’s Vet details and Emergency contact not travelling with the Pet Owner BEFORE the boarding commences so you are prepared for an emergency. If you don’t have the details and are in need of a Vet, go to your local vet or take the dog to the closest emergency vet.
  17. Respect pet routines and habits (feeding time, walk duration, etc).
  18. Pet Owners provide food.  All Pets must arrive with a large tote bag of wet & dry food to last the entire stay, plus enrichment toys, bedding, poo bags, leash, harness & must be microchipped, wearing a collar with engraved ID tags, council registration tags - Request this from them.
  19. Compliance with all Company policies, procedures, rules, regulations and Partner code of conduct.
  20. Compliance with all laws including council by-laws.
  21. Compliance with all reasonable and lawful instructions given by or on behalf of the Company.
  22. Devotion of the Partner’s time, attention and skill during normal working hours and at other times as reasonably necessary for the Partner to perform pet care services with diligence and attention to detail.
  23. To be honest and fair in dealings with customers, clients, co-workers, Company management and the general public, and to treat them with courtesy and respect.
  24. To be faithful and diligent, and actively pursue the Company's best interests at all times.
  25. To provide services in a safe and compliant manner, and to observe all occupational health and safety rules and responsibilities.
  26. Refraining from any discriminatory or harassing behaviour towards the customers, clients, co-workers, Company management and the general public.
  27. To not make any statements to the media about the Company's business, unless expressly authorised to do so by the Company (requests for media statements should be referred to the CEO).
  28. Immediately disclosing any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest (whether direct or indirect) that may give rise to a conflict with the performance of the Partner’s obligations to the Company, or the Company's business or reputational interests. The Company may direct Partners to take action to eliminate or reduce any such conflict, and Partners must comply with such directions.
  29. To not engage in misconduct, whether during a booking or after a booking, that in the opinion of the company causes damage or potential damage to the Company's property or reputation.
  30. To not use, or work while affected by use of prohibited drugs or alcohol.
  31. To not discriminate on the basis of irrelevant personal characteristics including sex, race, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status or sexual preference.
  32. To maintain punctuality and reliability for all bookings.
  33. To respect the Company's property if you are involved at an event.
  34. To dress in an appropriate manner and to ensure that appearance is presentable, clean, neat and tidy Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in termination of our working relationship.
  35. To not use the PetCloud website for non-pet sitting purposes ie. to send sexually explicit, suggestive, or other harassing material.
  36. To maintain both during engagement and after engagement with the Company, the confidentiality of any confidential information, records or other materials acquired during the course of engagement.
  37. Reporting any misconduct of other Partners who are in breach of any of the above, or potentially in breach of any of the above, without delay.
  38. To make sure pet guests have the great time they deserve!



Last Updated: 1 January 2020