It depends on the current stage of your booking. You may have posted a Job or directly contacted your pet sitter. Click on Messages and select the booking Click on Authorise Card (Green button) Unlike time-consuming refund process, we follow a simplified authorization process. An Authorization places a hold on the credit card provided for the specified booking amount. This means the amount is still in your card making it easy to simply cancel the hold, should the booking not proceed. The uncaptured charge remains valid only for 7 days. Suggest up to three dates for meet and greet, at any point you can click on Confirm this booking A confirmed booking will show the countdown timer with the message, “Your booking is good to go”. This will also show on your Dashboard in the Upcoming Booking section. You have full control on your bookings, You can decline a booking before a "meet and greet" is requested or Cancel a confirmed booking after meet and greet.