Yes.  The Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Training Course is mandatory for all Sitters and Walkers to do.

The safety of pets and people is of the highest importance to us and we cannot stress the importance of this enough.

We used to charge $75 for this course, we have instead made it FREE as we want ALL Sitters and Walkers to do this. 

This MUST be completed before any jobs are taken on.

It can be accessed using the link below:

It covers:

1. Preparing your Home (including a Backyard Checklist)

2. Basic Dog Care (Including a Guide to introducing animals)

3. Meets & Greets and Customer Service

4. Pet Behaviour Challenges (during a stay)

5. Basic Cat Care

6. Pet Emergencies: Escape, Illness, or Injury (plus Pet First Aid fact sheet)

7. Human Safety

8. Local & State Laws

9. Creating a Strong Listing & Marketing it

10. Assessment.