It’s free to post jobs, and free to connect and meet with a Sitter.  You give us feedback after the meet and greet as to how it went. If it went well, we charge your card. If it wasn’t a match, the preauthorisation falls off your card and you connect with the other applicants who applied for your job.

Payments go into Escrow until services are done (and to a quality standard). No booking service confusion or awkwardness.  Or he said / she said debating. An online booking is a legally binding contract of work agreed to and performed by the Sitter. We pay our Sitters at the end of the stay.

Bookings are insured.   If our Sitter does a negligent act, for example, accidentally leaving a gate open, and as a result your beloved pet is hit by a car and has injuries while in their care and needs Veterinary care, your pet’s vet bills will be paid for. Every booking comes with 10M Public Liability Insurance.

Our Sitters are Police Checked. This boosts the quality of people you engage with your pets and welcome into your home. As a result, we sleep well at night.

PetCloud Care is home-based. This mimics the pets usual own home environment, minimising stress while pets are away from their Owners.

PetCloud’s Booking Numbers are capped per night per Sitter.  There are some rogue kennel operators in the industry that use a practice known as ‘stacking’. This involves the stacking multiple pets in multiple cages on top of one another in order to maximise the number of pets booked in during peak holiday season to bring in cash for the Operator.

PetCloud Sitters uphold Boarding Codes of Practice. We do not have commercial kennel operators on our website, as many do not pass basic hygiene standards.

PetCloud’s reviews are 100% real. We believe Pets are family, and some people’s only family left. The practice of fake reviews in the industry is rife, and abhorrent.

RSPCA Qld accredited training is mandatory for all our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers nationally.

Customer Support is provided by the RSPCA’s National Call Centre. for all our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers nationally.

We build trust through asking our Sitters to upload photos showing time-poor Pet Owners where their pet will sleep, safely play, and go for walks.