To speed up the time it takes to book, we've implemented Instant Book.

What is Instant Book?

Instant Book is a feature that hosts can select for their listing which removes the approval process. Instead of being notified that someone is interested in your place and then giving them the thumbs up/down – guests can just choose their dates, book, and discuss check-in plans later.

If you turn on Instant Book, it will apply to all the available nights on your calendar and guests will automatically be able to book a stay as long as they meet your requirements.  In other words, Instant Book will skip Meets & Greets & will charge the Pet Owner Instantly.

The benefits of Instant Book

  • Making your life easier: This feature removes the need for you to have to respond to each and every request (and, in turn, removes the risk of you being labelled an ‘unresponsive’ host) which means more time for you and your family.
  • Making their life easier: Many Pet Owners are booking pet stays on the run. They are logging on at workplaces, airports, and train stations – trying to book their pet somewhere to stay for the night. Or sitting with their laptops trying to plan a pet stay with limited time. These Pet Owners can use filters on PetCloud so that only Sitters with Instant Book appears in their searches. They want hassle-free booking and Instant Book provides that.
  • Moving your PetCloud listing up in ranking: The Instant Book feature benefits your response rate for your listing which has the potential to move you up the list when it comes to search results.
  • Preferred Sitter status: To secure Preferred status on PetCloud you need to be a host that has at least a 90 percent response rate. By allowing Instant Book, your chances of achieving this status are increased.

Sitters: You're in control - this feature is OFF by default: This feature is switched off until you want to switch it on.


  1. You must have specified what Dog Sizes your property is suited to.
  2. The Sitter must have specified what Pet Types their property is suited to.
  3. Your Calendar must have been confirmed as being Up to date in the last 2 weeks.
  4. You must have enabled instant book on your listing
  5. Instant Book function will only be an option on your Listing for Sitters to manually enable after Sitters have achieved x3 at least 5 star reviews.
  6. You must have completed the 'Lives with' section on your listing (this specifies what other pets, or young children the sitter lives with).

1: The Pet Owner's Pet size must match with the Sitter's specified pet size.

To turn Instant Book on or off:

  • Go to My listing on
    Click Instant Book in the menu
    To turn Instant Book on, use the toggle to switch on or off.