All Pet Sitters and Walkers who wish to take on opportunities to care for pets  through our Government Partners such as the NDIS, must:

  1. Complete an e-learning module called ‘Quality, Safety and You’, that covers human rights, respect, risk, and the roles and responsibilities of NDIS workers.  "Create a New Account" and list your organisation as 'PetCloud'

During the module, Sitters are encouraged to consider and respond to different scenarios in the context of servicing the Pet of a Pet Owner with disability.  Remember, some disabilities may be able to be seen, but some may be unable to be seen, so always be respectful.

You will also need to:

  1. Comply with the NDIS Code of Conduct
  2. Read and agree to our 7 policies
  3. Lodge any complaints with our in-house complaints management and resolution system to record and manage any complaints you receive, and support NDIS Pet Owner Clients or other relevant concerned parties to make a complaint.
  4. All NDIS Pet Sitters and Walkers must complete the RSPCA Qld Accredited Pet Care Course
  5. All NDIS Pet Sitters and Walkers must have a clear Police Background Check

  6. After this, Sitters can be allocated an “NDIS trained” badge by a PetCloud Customer Support Member.

Got Questions?

All NDIS Bookings are coordinated through our PetCloud NDIS Booking Coordinator, Deb Morrison. Any questions, or reports will need to go through Deb.